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When: Jan 3rd, 10th, 17th & 24th (All 4 sessions)
Where: Bodychange Bootcamp 
Cost: $99 for all 4 weeks (all money is going to charity)
Time: 11.00am til 11.45am AGES 4-6)
12pm til 12.45 pm (AGES 7-12)
*Make sure to select the correct age group when booking


We know how much the kids love watching you train and we also know how important it is that we teach children how vital exercise is for good health, so it’s about time they get a shot! 


The 4 week program will be a fundraiser for the EB Research Foundation (Tough Tilly Day) with all proceeds going to this amazing charity which I'll share a little bit more about in the coming days. Whilst the kids play, we’ll need you to stick around but we’ll be providing coffee so you can sit in the sun & relax while we attempt to wear them out! :)