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Abby who grew up in Mornington, started coaching at Bodychange in 2022 after 10 years working as a personal trainer. Abby loves the energy of group training and also being able to share her wealth of health and fitness knowledge with more than one person, providing our members with that personal touch in a group setting.


Hobbies: Playing golf and basketball, watching golf and basketball


Favourite BC Sessions: The big Saturdays, 7s, special k, lanework and all the teams and partnered workouts.


Favourite Food: Fruit Toast with a coffee, Raspberry White Chocolate Ice Cream.

Football Team: The Pies!!!

Favourite Quote/saying: If you ain't first, you're last

Favourite thing about coaching at BC: Being a part of a fantastic community of people who encourage, motivate and care for each other 100% of the time while also having a laugh along the way.

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