Bodychange Boot Camp is the Mornington Peninsula's best indoor boot camp. No matter what your fitness level, age or gender, our boot camps cater to everyone. You work to your own level and as your fitness improves, so does your training intensity, ensuring that you will never plateau and you'll continue to get amazing results whilst having fun at the same time. Most importantly you'll leave smiling!


Not your ordinary boot camp, we use a range of equipment that ensures your sessions are never the same and will always keep you guessing. We do everything from boxing, to battle ropes, to circuits, to kettelbells, to TRX's, to yoga. Not only that, as well as being able to do all sessions indoors, we also run optional outdoor sessions so you can choose depending on what you feel like on the day!


We think training should be fun, but at the same time challenging so you can achieve a fitter and healthier you, not to mention an amazing body in the shortest possible time. No crash diets, starvation and countless hours of training, we’ll work you hard, but we’ll also show you how to push through those barriers that have held you back in the past. You’ll enjoy your training like never before and the satisfaction you’ll get from the results, will keep you craving more.