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Bec started training with us as a member in 2018 and loved it so much that she asked to join our team in 2019 which we were super excited by and of course we said yes! A super mum of 3 kids (and husband Rhys, so 4 kids), Bec has an amazing care for everyone and always wants the best for each and every person, loves a chat and will always go the extra mile for our members. 

Hobbies: - Going to the gym (obviously!) Camping and adventuring, hiking, gardening. 

Favourite BC Sessions: myzone challenge, weight blocks, Friday mixed sessions! 

Favourite Food: Chocolate

Football Team: Hawthorn

Favourite Quote/saying: Dream big, Aim high, Work hard.

Favourite thing about coaching at BC: BC is more than a gym it’s a family, it’s the kind of place you WANT to go even when it is for work! As coaches we get to meet amazing new people every week and welcome them into that family. Helping our members achieve their goals and seeing them become stronger and more confident in themselves makes it one of the most awarding jobs around that we are so lucky to be a part of. 🤍

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