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'Trick Candle'

Liz started as a member of BC in 2017 and we were blown away by not only the intensity at which she trained, but more-so the care and genuine kindness she showed for others. So much so that we wanted to have her onboard so Liz joined our coaching team in early 2019. Liz and her husband Ryan who met during Liz's previous career as a school teacher are the proud parents of 3 amazing kids and she truly is an inspiration to us all.

Hobbies: Being outdoors in any way shape or form. I love playing netball & running & spending time at the beach. Reading is also a fun down time hobby I enjoy. 

Favourite BC Sessions: I’m a sucker for a killer, death by cardio session which an element of competition. Follow the leader has to be one of the favourite sessions for this reason. I absolutely love weights days & a good Friday mixed weights is always fun as well. I just love them all, really!! 


Favourite Food: Chocolate! I also love smashed avocado and corn chips. Dumplings & bao buns are also a vibe. I love food! 

Football Team: Go the Dees! 

Favourite Quote/saying: Do one thing everyday that scares you!


Favourite thing about coaching at BC: BC is like family. As soon as you walk in our doors, you can feel that beautiful community vibe. Above all, I love being able to help make someone’s day just that bit better. The enthusiasm, the energy, the wholesome chats, the incredible sessions, our incredible coaches & members. It is really just the best place to spend my days & I feel very blessed I get to call this my job. 

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