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Tim started Bodychange Bootcamp in his parents home gym basement back in 2014. After years of working in an office, Tim decided to follow his passion of all things health and fitness because of the way it made him feel both physically and mentally, which he then decided he wanted to help others experience too.

Hobbies: Golf, watching football, training & running.


Favourite BC Sessions: I Love Strength Days & Hybrid Fridays, oh and team games are always fun.


Favourite Food: Pizza & Pasta with chocolate for dessert.

Football Team: The Mighty Richmond Tigers. Carn' Tiges!

Favourite Quote/saying: Always be kind to everyone, smile and appreciate them in the hope it spreads like wildfire!

Favourite thing about coaching at BC: The people that I get to coach along side and the BC members make coming to work the absolute best. It never feels like work, but more like hanging out with a whole heap of friends that I get to help get fitter, stronger and healthier which is very very cool!

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